There's a reason people say, "it's just like riding a bike". Biking is a familiar experience people from all walk's of life can relate to. Lyft's new campaign reminds us of this, and encourages new and casual riders to hop on a bike and explore their city. No matter who you are, "Yes, you are a bike person."

This is Lyft's first national campaign focused on their network of bike shares. It's also the first time the Lyft logo has appeared with many of these regional bike brands. It was a unique branding challenge to build a unified design system and asset library that could flex across the many different bike share markets.

Watch the :30 spot

Agency: In-house, Lyft Brand Team. 2022

VP Creative: Karin Onsager-Birch
Creative Director: Gianmaria Schonlieb 
Creative Director: Claudia Pendleton
Assoc Creative Director, Copy: Neil Ramanan
Assoc Creative Director, Content Strategy: Nikki Jong
Design Lead: John Olson 
Design Lead: Jon Donaghy
Designer: Evonne Hsiao
Photography: Peter Yang

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