Many temporary employment apps have come to market but Jitjatjo is unique, dedicated to the betterment of human lives through empathy, empowerment and fairness. In 2019 we rebuilt the brand from the ground up, giving them a new logo, identity system, and brand platform. 

Legibility and name recognition were key problems with the previous identity. While there was equity in their unique name, making it easier to read was the main goal in redrawing their logo. By simplifying and refining existing brand elements (like their use of purple and tri-line icon) we created a legible, confident and ultimately more memorable brand mark. ​​​​​
We anchored this new logo in a bold, modern color palette and built a library of graphic and photographic assets. A hero film was created to celebrate the new brand platform, featuring actual Jitjatjo users sharing personal stories.
These branded elements extended into real-world applications that included an out-of-home print campaign, business partner stickers, and designs for their new member centers (physical locations where Jitjatjo employees can sign up, network, and attend training or social events). It all culminated in a comprehensive brand guidelines document that can be used for further implementations in 2020, as we look to expand the brand globally.
Designed with Jonathan Graham & Brian Dunn 
B-Reel, New York. 2019